Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dreams are from the subconscious mind.

So, why do I awake with a pain in my chest.

It's the memories of you translated through dreams

& the pain was the only thing you left.

I can't differentiate between the happiness of having you

& the pain of losing you.

So when they ask how I feel,

I say it's a sensation of nothingness,

An emptiness,

A lifeless soul,

A lost faith,

A broken heart.

I feel betrayed by fate, both yours and mine.

I feel punished by time.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Maybe I wasn't enough,
Or maybe I was just too much.
Even if I knew, I couldn't be any less
Or any more,
Than a girl that loved, sacrificed,
Cared and adored.
I can only be myself,
And that self
Loved you so selflessly.

Maybe my fingers just didn't fit
The gaps between yours
Maybe my head just didn't rest
On your chest so perfectly
I'll never know because I only dreamt.
Maybe it was my fault alone,
For dreaming an impossible dream.
Maybe it was my fault for believing
In an impossible love.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


If you were stabbed in your arm, you would feel the pain.
If you were shot in the leg, you would feel the pain.
When any part of your body is hurt, you feel the pain.
So when my heart aches for you,
Surely you feel my pain.
Your arm nor leg have your name on it,
But you still know they are yours.
My heart has your name all over it,
So why don't you recognise it as yours.
Like a child you helped to conceive
You cannot deny it, its right
Just as the heart you taught to love
Please don't deny it its right
It doesn't wish to be anyone else's but yours
Like a flower bud that needs water to blossom
My heart needs your love to stay alive
I'm not saying I'll die without you
But without you, my heart will turn as cold as night

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Words that you understand despite the absence of sound
Unspoken words you may say
But words unsaid do not mean emotions unexpressed
Surely you heard it in the rhymic movement of my heart valves
Or read it through my eyes which looked at you with longing
I longed so much to speak the unspoken
but fear of the inevitable held me back every moment
Could you not hear it in every pause in a sentence
As if I said something without saying anything
Did u not see my smile everytime you would smile
Or feel my pain everytime you were in pain
Did you not feel the connection of our souls the way that I did
How could your soul touch mine without you being aware of it
You say you never knew
But before speaking
I had already spoken volumes to you

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Searching for love

He met this girl, who seemed to have it all – caring, loving and pretty
They soon started dating; and things began to develop fairly quickly
Although he always searched for love, this just hit him by surprise
They spent hours talking and went for long walks outside
He’d kiss his girlfriend goodbye before they would depart every night
And when his mother would kiss him he’d move away in a flight
Strange how that the love he had searched for in a stranger
Would never compare to the love of his mother
But he’d still push her away and she’d continue to care for him
love him, forgive him and wish the best for him
He’d come home late at night and like usual his mother would be up waiting
Her spirit would lift and her face would brighten the moment she’d hear him entering
He and his girlfriend would go out to the cinema and for nice meals
He’d hand his mother a bit of cash “here mum, use this to the pay the bills”
As if she bore him in her womb those 9 months for a bit of money
She never asked for anything, but at times this widow longed for her sons company
You’d often hear him speaking to his girlfriend, with a gentle tone
But shouting and swearing at his mother was something to which he was prone
From the moment he was born she would do anything to protect him
For his happiness she’d be willing to sacrifice her own limbs
And there he was, trying to get away from her at any opportunity
He thought his girlfriend was beautiful but failed to see his mother’s beauty
Beautiful is maternal love that it is forever-eternal
But how very sad is the Childs love for his mother that it is somewhat conditional
Like usual, he came home late one night and found his mother on the sofa sleeping
“Mum go to bed” but she didn’t wake, so he nudged her but realised she wasn’t breathing
Pale faced, still-bodied laying there the same way she’d spent her last moments, alone.
She died that night whilst waiting for her son to come home
Strange is human nature that we take our blessings for granted
And only when it’s gone we realise all the wrong that we did
Whilst searching for love he forgot about his mother
Now, he spends his days searching for the love from his mother..