Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Every day is a blessing
And after a good day I’m happy
But afraid for tomorrow
Because tomorrow may bring misery
I’m afraid of death
Afraid of losing a family member or a friend
So I cherish every breath
And every moment with them I spend
It keeps me up at night as I lie in bed
It’s always on my mind
So I don’t plan too far ahead
I hope for a future, a good life
I hope to have kids and be somones wife
I hope my mum gets to see it
Coz my dad had to leave
I’m afraid of not being ready for death
When its ready for me
Will my sins be heavy and my grave so tight
Or will my grave be illuminated with light
I’m afraid of waking up to bad news
And hearing about some else I had to lose
Will I remember their voice and their laughter
Will I see them again in the hereafter
I’m afraid of not reaching 30
If I die now, I wonder who will remember me
Tomorrows not promised to anyone
Doesn’t matter if your 91 or 21

I’m afraid of death
I’m afraid of this being my last breath

My thoughts/quotes and dua's

"No regrets, just lessons learnt" - How could you have learnt anything if you have no regrets from it.. And how can you repent if you don't regret.. Regretting the past isn't a bad thing like we're often told.. Regretting is a good thing, it shows humility..

Our good deeds will be the only thing with us in our graves so they should be the dearest thing to us. No matter how much we love someone or something, we will leave it all behind to be alone in our graves with just our deeds..

Respect your parents always. Whether your lucky enough to have both parents living or just one. Love them & care for them, just how they cared for u as they brought u up & helped u take ur first steps. Look after them when they get old, how they looked after u when u were a baby. May Allah swt protect our parents, & always keep them happy. May those parents that have left this dunya be granted enternal bliss. Ameen.

Ya Allah, give me strength to accept the things I cannot change. Give me strength to welcome every trial with 'Alhamdulillah'..

Do not compare yourself with other Muslims to see what you have achieved. Compare yourself with the prophet (saw) to see what you have not yet achieved. Do not compare yourself with other Muslims to see how far ahead you are. Compare yourself to prophet (saw) to see how far behind you are.. We all have a lot to learn..

I pray that when death is ready for me.. I am ready for it.. May we all die as the best Muslims we can be, with our good deeds at their highest and our sins at their lowest, with our Emaan so strong and our love for Allah swt incomparable with anything else. Ameen. That's how I want to die.

"If you dont pray the rest of your salah there's no point in praying Jum'ah" - The amount of times I've heard this.. Lets refrain from saying things like this and discouraging our bros n sisters from praying.. As muslims we should encourage and support one another!!

A lie is a lot heavier on ones soul than the truth, no matter how harsh the truth is.. You need to be true to yourself in order to be true to others! Don't cage yourself in by lying to yourself, set yourself free, truth is the key! :) 

Being judged on your tight, revealing clothes, slim waist and big assets is oppression. Having to conform to western ideals and look as good as the girl on the tv is oppression. Being yourself and not trying to be like someone on the front of a magazine cover is being free, free to live happily in your own skin. Being judged on your inner beauty and character is liberation. My hijaab is liberation.

If you're real, you don't need to be telling everyone all the time 'yeah I'm real'.. Many people claim to be real, but only a few will prove it.. The realest thing about some people is how fake they are.. Eventually they all start showing their true colours..

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Paradise lies at your feet
It's clear in the way you care for me,
The way you talk to me
The way you hug me..

I hear an angel in your gentle voice
I feel a warmth in your arms
There's a healing in your touch
A touch that makes me calm

Self-sacrificing, you'll starve
so your child can eat
You'll get up at night
to check up on me 
whilst I sleep

When I'm in pain, you cry
You work hard to 
Provide for your child
Yet not once will you sigh
You must be an angel

I admire you for your strength
you carry the burden of pain
loss, heartbreak
But you still smile for me
And I smile for you
because I know 
If I cry, you'll cry too

Mother, there's something heavenly
about you 
In everything that you do 

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ala Kachuu

Laughing, clapping, celebrating..
A joyous occasion for him and his family.

Screaming, resisting, crying..
I just wanted someone to help me.

It was no use, he had found his prey,
In one snatch, he took me away,

To be his wife, his new bride
At the expense of my dignity, my pride.

His home was now my prison,
Doing a life sentence with no conviction.

I had no choice, but to live with the pain
Or else in society I would have been a stain.

No other would have married me
So I had to endure the hurt silently

Not once were my feelings considered
I'm now old, wrinkled skin, hair withered

I had always imagined my fairytale wedding
Never had I thought I'd be the victim of a bride-kidnapping

A tradition known as 'Ala kachuu'
A tradition that could stop, if only more people knew.

Free Filisteen

Do you remember my daughters Iman or Haya
How about my sons Khaled or Yahya
I want you to remember, these children you killed
Shifting plates, leaving my heart un-filled
You stripped my people of their human rights
In this war, injustices have reached new heights
I feel every rocket, every bullet you aim
For how long must I bear this pain
I witnessed it all, brutality caused by your unjust law
I’m tired of military occupation and war
You walk with your weapons in hand
Abusing my people for a reason they don’t understand
You wake families at night, knock down their doors
You put your hands on me, as if I am yours
I have been tortured, humiliated, used
My beauty has been ruined, my body abused
amidst your bombs and missiles
My cries are heard from miles
You killed my children, some had to flee
I long for the day they will return back to me
Many people talk of my continuous pain
Even the wind has begun to whisper my dream
In a chant that echoes my name; Free filisteen

Politics before humanity

Why do you put politics before humanity?
Power & money are your main concern, its insanity
Your fight is for supremacy, ours for equality
You terrorise in the name nationality
A nationality which you base on ethnicity
For how long must you continue this illegality?
And continue to increase the Palestinian mortality

Why do you put politics before humanity?
When will you end this bloodshed and brutality
This ongoing atrocity, cruelty and criminality
I’ve witnessed the quality of your equity,
And injustice and prejudice is the reality
Do you really have a heart or is it just a cavity?
Because the killing of innocents is not normality

Why do you put politics before humanity?
Your human too, not a supreme divinity
You have weapons, but no authority
With the palestinians is power and capacity
They will continue to resist against your military
Until they return home to their towns and cities
A day when palestine will be free..

Friday, 20 May 2011


I wonder if you've heard that story
About a man that cried because he had no shoes,
Until he came across a man that had no feet
Lifes not always great, sometimes you win sometimes you lose
Sometimes it's hard, other times it's a treat 

But through the fun and games,
Through the Trials and pains
Don't forget to count your blessings
And I don't mean materialistic things
I mean the sound of birds singing
The sound of your child laughing
Your favourite song playing
Or thunder and lightning
Sound. That is a blessing 

So remember through the fun and games 
Through the trial and pains
Don't forget to count your blessings
And I don't mean materialistic things 
I mean watching the sun rise
looking into your loved ones eyes
Seeing the rivers and the skies
Colours and dyes. 
Sight. That is a blessing. 

Remember, through the fun and games
Through the trial and pains
Don't forget to count your blessings
And I don't mean materialistic things
So when you feel like giving in to defeat
when you're feeling sad and incomplete
Just look down at your feet..

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Too precious to give a title to..

I utter the truth, though very cliché
When I say, I remember it like it were yesterday
The clock stopped ticking; time stood still.
Our hearts were breaking; we knew you were ill
His heart has stopped beating, your father is no more
“Quit playing; you cannot be sure”
“Give him mine, take my heart!” my brother cried,
It was no use, soon your death was certified.

Although I see you in my dreams, I long for your touch,
I miss you making me feel safe without saying much
Thinking back to that time brings back the heart ache
But I put on a brave face, for my mothers sake.
She’s fragile and without you she cannot cope
But she tries to be strong for us, to give us hope
We should be the ones consoling her, rather.
The four of us, we share the pain of losing our father

But she has lost her soul mate
She lost her smile back in August 2008
You were our pillar of strength and now we have fallen weak
Lost, confused, broken; It is only God’s guidance we can seek
I pray that forever, with me, your memories shall remain
They keep the family together and keep me from going insane.
I stare at the door hoping you’ll walk through any moment
But that wont happen, I know my heart will never be content

My 18th birthday, I became an adult, supposedly
But like a baby wanting to be held, I cried, inevitably
“What do you want for you birthday?” asked my aunt.
“Just my dad please, is that a wish you can grant?”
But I know your absence is my present
and your presence is my past
because now your presence is absent
and I pray in the next life we’ll reunite at last..


Hello, how are you? Having a good week?
I stay silent,
because I do not speak the language you speak
I see you're trying to say something,
but I do not understand
The letters from your mouth that leak
And so you shake my hand.
Isolated by our differences
Though our difference is not geographical
Nor is it cultural
I’d say it’s more biological
But he’s my brother, and she’s my sister
So how is that possible.
Blind in a world other than sight
Broken and it cant be put right
But I see all the wonders of the world
And all my bones are fine
You laugh and joke
Whilst I point and sign.

His Name..

Though I never got too close
I first noticed him when we were infants
Maybe I was afraid, confused, too young to know
So I kept myself at a distance

I never really paid much attention to him
Although he lived near me my whole life
But when I lost my father
He was a friend through my struggle and strife

Him and I became closer over time
And with my struggles I began to cope
It was a strange feeling,
Something new to me, a sense of hope

I liked him so much
He became the reason for my existence
I was falling for him so quickly
To my life he added substance

I told my mother about our relationship
She was happy because she knew him
I was so glad she understood
She said I should commit and not live life in sin

The way he talks is mesmerising
He is beautiful in every sense of the word
I know I am in love
Though some friends think I’m absurd

He’s helped me through so much
He brought back my lost smile
He’s perfect and I’m so glad I found him
He’s always there for me, through every trial

I thank God for bringing him closer to me
My life without him would not be the same
I want to introduce him to you also
I love him and Islam is his name.