Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Paradise lies at your feet
It's clear in the way you care for me,
The way you talk to me
The way you hug me..

I hear an angel in your gentle voice
I feel a warmth in your arms
There's a healing in your touch
A touch that makes me calm

Self-sacrificing, you'll starve
so your child can eat
You'll get up at night
to check up on me 
whilst I sleep

When I'm in pain, you cry
You work hard to 
Provide for your child
Yet not once will you sigh
You must be an angel

I admire you for your strength
you carry the burden of pain
loss, heartbreak
But you still smile for me
And I smile for you
because I know 
If I cry, you'll cry too

Mother, there's something heavenly
about you 
In everything that you do 

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