Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Too precious to give a title to..

I utter the truth, though very cliché
When I say, I remember it like it were yesterday
The clock stopped ticking; time stood still.
Our hearts were breaking; we knew you were ill
His heart has stopped beating, your father is no more
“Quit playing; you cannot be sure”
“Give him mine, take my heart!” my brother cried,
It was no use, soon your death was certified.

Although I see you in my dreams, I long for your touch,
I miss you making me feel safe without saying much
Thinking back to that time brings back the heart ache
But I put on a brave face, for my mothers sake.
She’s fragile and without you she cannot cope
But she tries to be strong for us, to give us hope
We should be the ones consoling her, rather.
The four of us, we share the pain of losing our father

But she has lost her soul mate
She lost her smile back in August 2008
You were our pillar of strength and now we have fallen weak
Lost, confused, broken; It is only God’s guidance we can seek
I pray that forever, with me, your memories shall remain
They keep the family together and keep me from going insane.
I stare at the door hoping you’ll walk through any moment
But that wont happen, I know my heart will never be content

My 18th birthday, I became an adult, supposedly
But like a baby wanting to be held, I cried, inevitably
“What do you want for you birthday?” asked my aunt.
“Just my dad please, is that a wish you can grant?”
But I know your absence is my present
and your presence is my past
because now your presence is absent
and I pray in the next life we’ll reunite at last..

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  1. This is my favourite so far :) may Allah grant him peace and heaven.