Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Every day is a blessing
And after a good day I’m happy
But afraid for tomorrow
Because tomorrow may bring misery
I’m afraid of death
Afraid of losing a family member or a friend
So I cherish every breath
And every moment with them I spend
It keeps me up at night as I lie in bed
It’s always on my mind
So I don’t plan too far ahead
I hope for a future, a good life
I hope to have kids and be somones wife
I hope my mum gets to see it
Coz my dad had to leave
I’m afraid of not being ready for death
When its ready for me
Will my sins be heavy and my grave so tight
Or will my grave be illuminated with light
I’m afraid of waking up to bad news
And hearing about some else I had to lose
Will I remember their voice and their laughter
Will I see them again in the hereafter
I’m afraid of not reaching 30
If I die now, I wonder who will remember me
Tomorrows not promised to anyone
Doesn’t matter if your 91 or 21

I’m afraid of death
I’m afraid of this being my last breath

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