Wednesday, 18 May 2011

His Name..

Though I never got too close
I first noticed him when we were infants
Maybe I was afraid, confused, too young to know
So I kept myself at a distance

I never really paid much attention to him
Although he lived near me my whole life
But when I lost my father
He was a friend through my struggle and strife

Him and I became closer over time
And with my struggles I began to cope
It was a strange feeling,
Something new to me, a sense of hope

I liked him so much
He became the reason for my existence
I was falling for him so quickly
To my life he added substance

I told my mother about our relationship
She was happy because she knew him
I was so glad she understood
She said I should commit and not live life in sin

The way he talks is mesmerising
He is beautiful in every sense of the word
I know I am in love
Though some friends think I’m absurd

He’s helped me through so much
He brought back my lost smile
He’s perfect and I’m so glad I found him
He’s always there for me, through every trial

I thank God for bringing him closer to me
My life without him would not be the same
I want to introduce him to you also
I love him and Islam is his name.

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