Sunday, 22 May 2011

Politics before humanity

Why do you put politics before humanity?
Power & money are your main concern, its insanity
Your fight is for supremacy, ours for equality
You terrorise in the name nationality
A nationality which you base on ethnicity
For how long must you continue this illegality?
And continue to increase the Palestinian mortality

Why do you put politics before humanity?
When will you end this bloodshed and brutality
This ongoing atrocity, cruelty and criminality
I’ve witnessed the quality of your equity,
And injustice and prejudice is the reality
Do you really have a heart or is it just a cavity?
Because the killing of innocents is not normality

Why do you put politics before humanity?
Your human too, not a supreme divinity
You have weapons, but no authority
With the palestinians is power and capacity
They will continue to resist against your military
Until they return home to their towns and cities
A day when palestine will be free..

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