Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My thoughts/quotes and dua's

"No regrets, just lessons learnt" - How could you have learnt anything if you have no regrets from it.. And how can you repent if you don't regret.. Regretting the past isn't a bad thing like we're often told.. Regretting is a good thing, it shows humility..

Our good deeds will be the only thing with us in our graves so they should be the dearest thing to us. No matter how much we love someone or something, we will leave it all behind to be alone in our graves with just our deeds..

Respect your parents always. Whether your lucky enough to have both parents living or just one. Love them & care for them, just how they cared for u as they brought u up & helped u take ur first steps. Look after them when they get old, how they looked after u when u were a baby. May Allah swt protect our parents, & always keep them happy. May those parents that have left this dunya be granted enternal bliss. Ameen.

Ya Allah, give me strength to accept the things I cannot change. Give me strength to welcome every trial with 'Alhamdulillah'..

Do not compare yourself with other Muslims to see what you have achieved. Compare yourself with the prophet (saw) to see what you have not yet achieved. Do not compare yourself with other Muslims to see how far ahead you are. Compare yourself to prophet (saw) to see how far behind you are.. We all have a lot to learn..

I pray that when death is ready for me.. I am ready for it.. May we all die as the best Muslims we can be, with our good deeds at their highest and our sins at their lowest, with our Emaan so strong and our love for Allah swt incomparable with anything else. Ameen. That's how I want to die.

"If you dont pray the rest of your salah there's no point in praying Jum'ah" - The amount of times I've heard this.. Lets refrain from saying things like this and discouraging our bros n sisters from praying.. As muslims we should encourage and support one another!!

A lie is a lot heavier on ones soul than the truth, no matter how harsh the truth is.. You need to be true to yourself in order to be true to others! Don't cage yourself in by lying to yourself, set yourself free, truth is the key! :) 

Being judged on your tight, revealing clothes, slim waist and big assets is oppression. Having to conform to western ideals and look as good as the girl on the tv is oppression. Being yourself and not trying to be like someone on the front of a magazine cover is being free, free to live happily in your own skin. Being judged on your inner beauty and character is liberation. My hijaab is liberation.

If you're real, you don't need to be telling everyone all the time 'yeah I'm real'.. Many people claim to be real, but only a few will prove it.. The realest thing about some people is how fake they are.. Eventually they all start showing their true colours..

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