Sunday, 22 May 2011

Free Filisteen

Do you remember my daughters Iman or Haya
How about my sons Khaled or Yahya
I want you to remember, these children you killed
Shifting plates, leaving my heart un-filled
You stripped my people of their human rights
In this war, injustices have reached new heights
I feel every rocket, every bullet you aim
For how long must I bear this pain
I witnessed it all, brutality caused by your unjust law
I’m tired of military occupation and war
You walk with your weapons in hand
Abusing my people for a reason they don’t understand
You wake families at night, knock down their doors
You put your hands on me, as if I am yours
I have been tortured, humiliated, used
My beauty has been ruined, my body abused
amidst your bombs and missiles
My cries are heard from miles
You killed my children, some had to flee
I long for the day they will return back to me
Many people talk of my continuous pain
Even the wind has begun to whisper my dream
In a chant that echoes my name; Free filisteen

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