Saturday, 23 June 2012


If you were stabbed in your arm, you would feel the pain.
If you were shot in the leg, you would feel the pain.
When any part of your body is hurt, you feel the pain.
So when my heart aches for you,
Surely you feel my pain.
Your arm nor leg have your name on it,
But you still know they are yours.
My heart has your name all over it,
So why don't you recognise it as yours.
Like a child you helped to conceive
You cannot deny it, its right
Just as the heart you taught to love
Please don't deny it its right
It doesn't wish to be anyone else's but yours
Like a flower bud that needs water to blossom
My heart needs your love to stay alive
I'm not saying I'll die without you
But without you, my heart will turn as cold as night