Monday, 13 June 2011

Because Of You.

I feel as though over the years my heart has changed shape.
Chipping away at my heart, my arteries and veins
have carved your name; it may sound insane
But why else would my heart favour you
over any other, so it must be true.

I refuse to believe I am in love
Indeed I am in deep attachment to you
I tell myself to get a grip and move on
From this childhood crush
But then I feel my blood rush
In a rage, defiantly
As if you have a control over me internally

At least I have my mind, right?
That you cannot control
I tell myself that anyway, because
You already have a hold on my soul
So I'll be the commander of my thoughts
And I’ll think about whatever I want
But I can't focus I can't sieve through my mind
Because my heart is too loud
I can’t focus when it is the only sound
My heart screams your name throughout my body
Distorting the functions of my organs
And they begin to chant along too

So I give in to the internal screams for a moment
And reminisce back to the days of innocence
To the conception of this sensuality
Back to when you were first introduced to me
As if with a simple hello
You planted a seed in my heart
Which grew with time and
Beckoned my soul towards you
To this point, where I am weak
Because of you.

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