Saturday, 11 June 2011


Like every other girl, I used to dream too
Of getting married
To my knight in shining armour
Arriving in our horse and carriage

But knights are only in fairytales
With happy ever afters
And those sort of endings don’t exist
Unless it’s in the hereafter

So I pray for a companion
A person that will be my best friend
Who believes in the creator
And knows that this world will surely end

Money, fast cars and big houses
These things dont mean anything to me
The reality of this world is temporal
And it’s only in religion that we’ll find stability

So he doesn’t have to be a doctor or a lawyer
I’d much rather he be a shepherd
Like our beloved Muhammad Mustafa
And love for the sake of Allah

Someone whos heart is beautiful
He will help complete half my deen
Someone who is loving and humble
Together we’ll strive for the life of the unseen

We’ll share a hunger for knowledge
He doesn’t have to be a graduate with a degree
Together we’ll indulge in worship
And build a relationship based on piety

Not an ounce of arrogance or pride
Every word gentle off his tongue
He’ll respect and honour the old
And be patient with the young

Showing kindness to others
Helping the needy and giving to charity
Praying salah and fasting in ramadhan
Will be his passion not only his duty

I don’t hope for perfection
I do not dream of a prince charming you see
Nor of a knight in shining armour
But rather someone with the same goal as me

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