Saturday, 28 September 2013

Soul mates.

There was a sound that you heard, when no one else could.
And in my speech, it was the silences that only you understood.

There were verses in my eyes that only you were able to read,
And with every deep look it was my soul that you would feed.

There was a magic in your touch that would heal every pain
A familiar comfort that kept me sane.

There was precision when you spoke, as if you knew what I was thinking
I laid my heart bare, you knew every little thing.

There was a memory in your scent that made me believe
That this wasn't a coincidence and we were meant to be.

So I dared to dream.
Of you.
Of us.
Of tomorrow.

Synchronised were our souls, made for one another
Every heartbeat yearned for my lover.

Caged behind our bodies, our souls could not meet.
Before it's time, yours had to fleet.

Truly your name was written with mine, in eternal ink
But it's a shame our footsteps weren't so in sync.

My heart lost its fine-tuned couplet
And any new beat wouldn't quite fit.

And why would it? Because it was always you from the start
Yet, our destinations were far apart.

Our connection wasn't meant for this world, our love was heavenly.
So I continue to dream
Of you.
Of us.
Of tomorrow.

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