Sunday, 20 October 2013

A man's world.

It took 23 years for me to realise I'm a social construction of a man's world.
Although, I once loved me, that love was lost as a young girl.
I grew up watching Disney, manipulated to believe I need to find my prince.
So I've been searching for my happily ever after, ever since.
As if I needed to be saved by a strong man to be complete,
But I'm a woman and we have the strength with which no man can ever compete.
The same hidden messages were in my bed time story books,
Deluded into believing that my self-worth was dependent on my looks.
When I loved the one that could never love me back
I became envious of others and made a list of "everything I lack".
It came down to an hour glass figure with a slim waist,
A submissive personality, luscious hair and a pretty face
I thought the conscious were just hating on the industry
Until it's underlying patriarchy really affected me.
I'm God's highest form of creation
And they're telling me that I need a man's appreciation?
Find me a man that could carry a baby inside him for 9 months
Or that could bear the burden of the world and still love the way a woman does
My father told me to study and get an education
But I'd come home from school and switch on the television, and now I see it in the next generation
Our daughters are being led to believe they are inferior to men
Our roles might be different but that doesn't mean we ain't equal to them.
So don't conform to the norms that allow needy women to form
My sisters, you were destined for amazing things, the very day you were born.

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